Tracfone Carrier-Locked Alcatel MyFlip 4G Prepaid Flip Phone- Black – 4GB – Sim Card Included – CDMA (Renewed), 9.99, 0, $, .

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Tracfone Alcatel My Flip 4G Prepaid Flip Phone

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We are tech savvy and fully engaged in the online world with various computers. We ordered this phone believing it to be a basic cell phone as described for use as a phone only. However upon charging it up, the first screen that pops up is a lengthy user agreement that one must approve before the phone will be activated. This phone is a KaiOS, made in China and according to their Wikipedia page is fully connected to Google, Facebook and multiple other sites that have nothing to do with cell phone service. In addition, part of the user agreement requires approval for KaiOS and their partners to share your personal information and any data transmitted with unknown third parties. It's a low cost device but if you buy it make sure you're OK with losing any illusion of privacy once you activate it.
My +1 does not need or want to be connected at all times. He had an older, inexpensive droid that he disliked from day one. It stopped working. This phone with the tracfone service suits him. It's a bit of a pain to program since there is no "keyboard", but I knew that going in. I got it set up, added favorites and he was good to go. Made a couple calls from it and the calls were clear no static or breaking up. Battery has had good life, though he has not used it for much talk time. It seems durable enough. Have not connected it to Blue Tooth as of yet. If you are into texting, this phone would likely not be a good choice, though you can send and received texts, no keyboard could be a deal breaker. If you just want a basic phone , this phone may work for you too. As of now most pleased with the purchase.
Being my husband's previous phone was going to lose the service later on this year, we decided to get him another one via this flip phone, he tried it out, did not care for it BUT was forced to use it and only had it in use for 2 weeks IF that and the battery lost charge constantly, just not what he expected from a flip phone, he had one years ago and LOVED it but now has had to buy another one and are out of the money from this one.

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