OnePlus Nord N10 5G Unlocked Smartphone, Midnight Ice​, 90Hz Refresh Rate, 6GB RAM + 128GB storage, US Version, Model BE2026, 279.99, 299.99, $, .

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OnePlus Nord N10 5G brings the most affordable premium 5G experience to the market. It brings the power of 5G to more consumers along with burdenless user experience, 90 Hz smooth display, Warp charge 30T, and high-quality quad-camera performance.

User reviews

Completely worth the asking price. It's a solid device with great performance for $300. The battery life is respectable. My usage will get me about two and a half days out of a charge (mostly light gaming, reading, texting, and some music streaming).My last device was a pixel 3. In comparisons, the screen is good, but the colors are not as rich. The cameras performance is good, but not amazing. Full light photos are good with great detail and nice pixel saturation, possibly on par with my pixel 3. Low light situations are where it starts to fall off. Medium light is still workable with some tweaking of the settings and dialing in. Not too hard or consuming to do, honestly pretty easy. Low light, the pixel just wins. With some work, you can get passable photos with the N10, but not quite what the pixel can do. I dunno what wizardry Google does, but they kill it with their setup.Day to day usage, I'm happy with the performance of the N10. The Oxygen OS is smooth and easy to work with, actually not really that different from a clean base Android. I appreciate that OnePlus is always updating and improving it. The processor is ample and there is plenty of RAM to keep things running fluidly. I'm on Verizon, so I don't have 5g to be able to comment. That wasn't one of my requirements in the first place.The design and physical attributes are a mixed bag for me. It's a pretty thin design for what it houses. It's tall and narrow, but the aspect ratio works for it. The hole punch screen is interesting to me. I'm getting used to it and kinda like it. There is a setting that sets the margin of the screen to exclude it from the display area should you not like the appearance of it. I like the extra 4mm of display, personally. The physical buttons are responsive and give a good "click" feeling when pressed. My only complaint is how the volume keys are on the opposite side from the power button. I find myself taking accidental screen shots too often because of this. Again, it also shows that the buttons operate very nicely.All in all, I'm happy with the performance of the OnePlus Nord N10. It's completely worth the asking price and has performance that would be worth a lot more in other brands flagships. To me, it's positives far outweigh the class. No regrets in my purchase as I would buy the OnePlus Nord N10 again.
The mobile should have supported 5G on more than just T-Mobile and they don't mention it clearly. Even on T-Mobile it's not fully supportive only till medium bands of 5G are supported. Also, the sim should be a dual sim like all other variations of it but it's actually single sim. Overall, other features of it are really good and performance and camera is more than decent for this price range so i give 3/5 ratings.
Gorgeous phone...but had to return because it is not Sprint compatible even though the description detais state "Unlocked for all carriers". Too bad.

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