Samsung Galaxy S21 5G | Factory Unlocked Android Cell Phone | US Version 5G Smartphone | Pro-Grade Camera, 8K Video, 64MP High Res | 128GB, Phantom Violet (SM-G991UZVAXAA), 699.99, 799.99, $, .

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  • Pro Grade Camera: Zoom in close, take photos and videos like a pro, and capture incredible share-ready moments with our easy-to-use, multi-lens camera
  • Sharp 8K Video: Capture your life’s best moments in head-turning, super-smooth 8K video that gives your movies that cinema-style quality
  • Multiple Ways to Record: Create share-ready videos and GIFs on the spot with multi-cam recording and automatic professional-style effects
  • 30 Space Zoom: Get amazing power and clarity, zoom in from afar or magnify details of nearby objects; Zoom Lock keeps focus and stability
  • Higher Resolution: 64 MP camera system captures and shares detailed portraits, stunning landscapes and crisp close-ups
  • All Day Intelligent Battery: Intuitively manages your cellphone’s usage to conserve energy, so you can go all day without charging (based on average battery life under typical usage conditions)
  • Power of 5G: Get next-level power for everything you love to do with Galaxy 5G; More sharing, more gaming, more experiences and never miss a beat
  • Wireless communication technology: Cellular
  • Camera description: Front


Life is a series of moments. Why not make them beautiful? Take your photos and videos to an incredible new level with multiple, cutting-edge ways to capture life exactly as it is, or turn it into a work of art. With a sleek, new design, hyperfast processing and a battery that won't give out on...

User reviews

I rarely write reviews, but Samsung's latest iteration of "the idiot consumer will buy whatever we put out" certainly deserves one.Everything about this phone sceams cheap. From the tacky plastic backing, the rectangular brick like design, to the complete lack of accessories that come with the phone. The phone feels like it should be priced at $300-400 at most.I'll compare this to the S20. Which wasn't particularly great, but is better than this phone.S20 feels more premium, is thinner, and looks better. Oh yeah, and it also has 12gb of ram, compared to the 8gb this phone has. For the most part, the phones are very similar performance wise (the s21 has a faster processor, but you really don't notice it in day to day use)Both phone have relatively poor battery life.The S20 has a better looking screen than than the S21.The embedded fingerprint sensor on both, are poor and unreliable (the S9 was far better both the location and functionality).Wireless charging with even the thinnest of cases does not work.Samsung bloatware slows down both phones and is an annoyance.Still no way to get rid of the useless and annoying bixby.Overall if you have a chance to purchase the S20 for the same price as the S21, the S20 is the better phone. It feels more solid, despite its flaws, and it's performance is almost identical. While you get one additional update with the S21, anyone who has had a Samsung phone in the last several years knows that Samsung phones don't last three years anyway (see the well known defective moisture detected flaw).Unfortunately, Samsung absolutely does not stand behind their products (their home appliances are even less reliable than their phones and TV's), they are a company that looks for any excuse to evade the contractual obligation through their warranties. i.e. market a phone as water proof, then won't cover it because they claim it was probably in salt water etc.
I've just gotten my S21 only to find out there is no SD card slot or a headphone jack BUT if I go up to the Ultra or Plus, then I can get those two options. I personally don't like using Bluetooth earbuds for listening to music because you have to deal with batteries. The lack of the SD card slot is also ridiculous for me because as a photographer and avid music listener, I like being able to add photos and music to the SD card so it doesn't eat into the phone storage. The biggest reason I NEVER wanted to try Apple is because of the lack of those two features and it looks like I'll be looking for a different manufacturer after the S21. I can't comment on the rest of the phone because I haven't even used it for anything yet, but those two things were enough for me to decide to write a review.
Insanely fast processor, great vivid and CLEAR 120 hz screen. Cry and hate all you want, this is an excellent device, designed by a great company.

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