OnePlus Nord N10 5G (128GB, 6GB) 6.49″, 90Hz Refresh Rate, Snapdragon 690, Dual SIM (Euro 5G /Global 4G LTE) GSM Unlocked (T-Mobile, AT&T, Metro) International Model (Midnight Ice, 64GB SD Bundle), 268.00, 290.22, $, .

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Play it smooth with 90 Hz The N10 5G display refreshes 50% faster than standard 60 Hz displays, making it more responsive and smoother. Swipe and scroll with an upgraded viewing experience on the new N10 5G. 5G vs 4G? It's not even a fair fight. It’s finally time to upgrade to the next chapter of...

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*International version, Euro 5G only (for now)*The Nord N10 5G is a great budget minded phone, for $300. The SnapDragon 690 5G is a very capable processor and the Adreno 619L GPU is powerful enough to run the latest games and doesn't feel laggy (for games like COD Warzone etc etc) . Coming in with 6GB RAM (2GB less than the OnePlus flagships), 128GB storage and 90Hz refresh rate, the phone is snappy yet smooth as that 90Hz screen really makes a difference, giving you the feeling of a faster more premium hardware. For those on a budget, this phone is great! Just keep your expectations reasonable and know what you are getting, as it is only Gorilla Glass 3 , not water resistant, and not as fast as say a Pixel 4A or OnePlus bigger flagship phones. It does come with some very cool features , using the Oxygen OS, such as RAM optimization and Game/ Fnatic mode where it will cut off use of all other apps while you game or watch movies, and directs all available resources to the apps you choose. Includes decent cameras (4 total) and a fingerprint read on the back (which I prefer). I have included the 3D Mark Benchmarks for Slingshot and Slingshot Extreme for those interested in raw power / numbers. Overall, this is a good deal and a great phone for those looking to save some money and also have a fast snappy phone capable of handling tougher applications and includes many features of better flagship phones. Enjoy!
The phone was really nice. I was excited to use it. But ended up returning it because I didn't want an international charger. I simply bought the US version a few weeks later.
The phone is pretty good. The complaints I have are that it came with a warp charger that is not for the US, so I had to order one separately. The other issue is that the phone shuts off and needs to be forced started. I have had the phone two weeks and so far this has happened twice. Both during the night, so my alarms didn't go off in the morning and both while the phone was fully charged.

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