BLU Advance L5 -Unlocked Dual Sim, 16GB -Cyan, 39.99, 0, $, .

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Simple and easy does the job. The base foundation for the ADVANCE L5 is that it takes all the unnecessary elements and removes it to give users a great design that is appealing to the eye. A beautiful pattern graces the battery cover for a great hand held experience.The ADVANCE L5 showcases a...

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I know this phone has some bad reviews, but I'm going to review it for what it is. It's a cheap phone, it calls people, it sends and receives texts, it will play some less demanding games and it takes okay photos.Up against a Samsung galaxy, this phone would get absolutely demolished in every category except one, price! This phone would be yours to keep forever with a purchase price less than one payment on a flagship phone.So overall this phone is pretty subpar, but if you need a cheap replacement, a kids phone or just a burner, this is the one for you.
Phone is decent. Insta, Snap, Youtube, & Lmk work great! TikTok is very slow tho. Overall pretty decent phone. It comes with a clear case, charger, and a sticker. Would recommend to people needing a quick phone, or getting a phone for a child to play with.
Nice lightweight phone. Not recommended for games or anything that uses internet. Super slow. My youngest has a LG cheap phone that's fallen down a flight of concrete stairs and survived, been lost at least 10 times, spent the night in snow, and more.. cracked screen but the thing is better than this phone here.I'll be returning soon.

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