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I purchased two Dell S2721DGF monitors and have to say they are fantastic, especially for the price. The one gripe I'll have to mention is that the image color wasn't between both monitors -- one was warm and the other cool. Regardless both still look great and can be configured, but it was worth noting. Main selling points: IPS panel, 1440p @165hz, 10-bit color, slim bezels with minimal "gamer" aesthetics. Each comes with comes with / uses a DisplayPort 1.4 cable. This is great because other similar monitors have a 'gotcha' where they offer 10-bit color AND 165hz... but use DisplayPort 1.2. They neglect to mention that 10-bit color at 1440p on DP1.2 maxes out at 144hz, so realistically it's either 10-bit @144hz OR 8-bit @165hz. So this monitor being able to properly use 10-bit @165hz was the predominant selling point for me.
This monitor is amazing, dell make a good job with this monitor.

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