Sale! AMD RYZEN 7 3700X 8-Core 3.6 GHz (4.4 GHz Max Boost) Socket AM4 65W 100-10000007 AMD

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  • MPN: 100100000071BOX
  • Bus Speed: 100 MHz
  • Clock Speed: 3.6 GHz
  • Custom Bundle: No
  • L2 Cache: 4 MB
  • L3 Cache: 32 MB
  • Processor Type: Ryzen 7
  • Processor Model: 100-100000071BOX
  • Socket Type: Socket AM4
  • Number of Cores: 8
  • UPC: 730143309974

User reviews

Purchased at local Best Buy for the price as is online. This CPU is around 15% faster than my 2700x and about 20% faster than a R7 1700. It works as intended with a 1080 Ti. I game at 4k-2k and this thing works like a modern i7 in gaming. It's also very snappy in windows. The load times are much faster. I've had plenty of Ryzen processors, 2400g, 1700, 2700x and now this 3700x. I have to say AMD is really getting serious now with the 3000 series. This CPU doesn't bottleneck games. The 3600 is plenty for any gamer for 199$. Just get a better cooler. This 3700x I have is paired with a x470 Gaming 7 and Teamgroup Legend Samsung B-Die 3200 CL14 memory. It's very fast indeed. My Cpu-z score is 530 single-threaded at stock speeds. Userbenchmark shows a 146 single-core speed. That's really fast.
Performance is awesome! The only thing i’ve been scratching my head with was that the cpu was always on the highest clock (4.5mhz) and the fan was always ramping up and down each second. When changing the power plan, it can go to 2.2mhz and sometimes won’t even change. Other than that, it really performs well and is a great buy.
Very happy with this processor! Paired with a 5700 XT GPU and 32gb of ram, my PC is now able to handle any video game, 4k video editing software, recording software, and all the google tabs one could ever want open at one time. The Wraith cooler that comes with the CPU looks absolutely gorgeous, has a thick radiator, and does a great job of keeping the CPU cool. I had a single fan radiator water cooler installed previously, but the wraith looked so good that I didn't mind switching out the watercooler, and my temps have not changed dramatically so shows the wraith is able to keep up even when running the CPU on 'game mode' with a .2ghz overclock! Very easy to install especially if you already have a Ryzen build, Wraith cooler comes with thermal paste pre-applied so no need to worry about buying paste. All in all, very satisfied with the CPU, and it even comes with a nice Ryzen 7 sticker to put on your case!

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