Sale! WORX WG911 2X20V 17″ Lawn Mower Powershare with 12″ Cordless GT Trimmer & Edger

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  • Model: WG743
  • Type: Intellicut, Mulching, Trimmer, Edger
  • Custom Bundle: No
  • MPN: WG743
  • Cutting Width: 17"
  • Blade Style: Rotary
  • Modified Item: No
  • Power Source: Battery
  • Style: Lawn Mower
  • UPC: 845534022780

User reviews

I purchased this mower so my 12 year old daughter can help me mow our ½ acre yard. The 4 aH batteries lasted as long as I had hoped. I would say they could mow a small to fairly typical city-sized yard. The intellicut actually works. We could hear it kick in where we have thicker patches that grow lush and long quickly. This mower was able to handle it decently. The grass was probably between 4-5 inches in those areas and I set the blade height to 2 inches. It adequately handled the job. Adequate means it mulched decently though there were some places it left minor clumping. I already had one set of 4 aH batteries, so when the first ones were spent, we placed the next set in and she kept mowing. She finished mowing her part before the second set were spent. I also have 6 aH batteries on the way. I’m very interested to see how much cut time is added using these. For my purposes, I’m very pleased with this mower. My 12 year old can handle it because it is light. It actually does a decent job of mulching. That said, here are some concerns: I’m already bought into the Worx line, so this was a good deal for me. However, for someone not already bought in, I think it is cost prohibitive and lacks some of the features similarly priced mowers offer. I’m concerned how the motor might handle an accidental mow over of a decent sized stick or other object. I’m concerned it will be difficult to find replacement blades and am concerned these blades will be difficult to sharpen due to their light duty nature. Does the handle “fold down?” Kind of. You will scratch up the handle bars doing so. For the cost, they should have had a lock and latch system for clean fold downs. For me, these concerns are not as big of a deal. It is a secondary mower I am using to teach my children how to mow. This is appropriately sized for smaller yards and I wouldn’t hesitate recommending it for such, but there are a couple of other mowers I would look at if you aren’t already bought into the Worx line.
I used to use a gas mower, but had to give it away due to lack of storage ability. I no longer have a garage to store it. I live in the city on a small city lot. Basically all I have to cut is the tree lawn. Not much at all. My parents had an electric mower years ago, and it worked great. So I figured this might be the way to go. Yes indeed! This mower is a true workhorse. Just perfect for my needs. Plus it has the WORX quality we have come to know and love. There are two settings, turbo & eco. I used the turbo because my grass was so high, you could stand a 24oz Pepsi bottle in it, and would not see the top. In spots. What a test! This mower outperformed my gas mower hands-down. There was no comparison. Just blew it away. I used to hate cutting the grass because I always had stuff come up and hit me in the face. Plus there was always a cloud of dust. This mower kept everything under the deck. Not one piece of debris came out from under. No gas to deal with. No puffs of smoke. No noise, or at least very low. And it cut, and mulched, the grass superbly. Not a nice cut, an extraordinary cut. It looks so cool, my neighbor had to stop me and look for himself. It's not meant for a large yard, unless you buy extra batteries. It's not meant for tree roots, stones, and whatever. It has a very sturdy plastic deck. I only used it once, on turbo. Fully charged is five. After cutting I had two bars left. It took two and a half hours to charge, brand new. The only negative observation, I wish they made thr battery cover a little bit more stout. A little tlc, and it should be fine. Very highly recommended. Cool factor x10
This is the second generation Worxs mower I purchased. The 1st Gen lasted for me 6 years till the replacement battery was discontinued. I like the extra power however it does heat up the battery to where it'll drain faster. Overall it's still a nice tool.

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