Sale! Clore Jump-N-Carry 12 Volt Jump Starter 1700 Peak Amps JNC 660 JNC660 BRAND NEW

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  • Type: Jump Starter
  • Manufacturer Part Number: JNC660
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It's not often that a company can manufacturer a product that has hundreds of competitors where even the best cannot compare. I've been in fleet transportation maintenance and repair for over 25 years and during that time only a handful of the tools we use are made at a much higher standard than others. Those are the tools that outwork, outlast and outshine all the others in quality, dependability, and at times even value. Clore Automotive Jump N Carry jump starters are one of those products. I bought my first one sometime in 2010 to use in a State Feet operation with over 800 vehicles. We were jumping vehicles and equipment multiple times a day using jumper cables. One of our vendors brought us a Jump N Carry to try out and it took me all of 1 day to order 3 of them for our shops. I then bought one for my personal use and found every way to not take care of it. I used it hundreds of times over the next 6 years until I finally broke the charging prongs off when it fell off my 4 wheeler. That JNC 4000 had proven enough to me that I didn't even look at other products but promptly ordered a JNC 660. Another important note is the value. I would have paid double what I did had the JNC cost that today. Clore products are just that good. Which brings us to this most notable part of this review. I paid less than $150 bucks for the JNC 660. Clore knows they own this market with their product. They know it is the high standard in jump starters yet their integrity shines through in making a fair margin to keep it a true value to the end user.... Me or you. Often the true best cost a ridiculous amount more than others but if you depend on it then you just have to pau up. You will not find a more dependable, tough, well made jump starter anywhere. You want find better customer service anywhere. As a matter of fact my new JNC 660 came with a LIFETIME repair or replace certificate that has an $85 deductable. No matter what I do to my jump pack. Even if I send it back in pieces which is possible the places I carry them. If customer reviews help you make purchases and they should then reading Clore Automotive product reviews will make your decision for you. Eddie
Well, December 21 would be two years. Didn’t even make it that long. Only have used it a handful of times. Did work great when it was working correctly. Even kept it in the house to keep it out of damp or inclement weather. So, about a year and 10 months is all I got out of it. It will take a charge and seem to charge up correctly. Go out the next day, and she’s already dead! Not happy..... so for this one supposedly being the best one out there, I’m definitely not impressed in these type of units!! 😡 Just looking for a simpler solution instead of dragging around my 200 amp battery charger with a cord all the time. Seems like back to old faithful for me......😩
Before I bought a jumper box I looked to see what tow trucks were carrying and garages were using. Almost all were using the Jump N carry. Ive been using mine for a couple yrs, I cannot believe the stuff Ive used this for, Ive winched a car onto my car trailer, after the trailer battery was dead as a door nail, using the jump n carry directly to the winch! Ive started my diesel plow truck numerous times after the batteris have frozen, Ive started a couple hundred dead batteries over the 2 yrs and its still working like brand new, and I still have the slip to buy a new battery for it when it does go bad. This jumper is the standard to measure jumper boxes by

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