Sale! Philips Avance Pasta and Noodle Maker Plus w/ 4 Shaping Discs, White – HR2375/06

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  • MPN: HR237506
  • Type: Automatic Pasta Maker/Extruder
  • Color: White
  • Model: HR2375/06
  • Features: Automatic
  • UPC: 075020080974
  • EAN: 0075020080974

User reviews

This is my fourth pasta maker; I finally have one done properly! My first was, if memory serves correctly, a Pasta Perfetto. That machine died so I bought a Takka which worked well but was no fun to clean and had bad bearings, so the machine kept getting louder and louder, to the point of needing hearing protection while operating! Not kidding in the least! I bought another Takka, used, and it is developing the same issue, unfortunately a result of poor design. I just bought this certified Philips Avance pasta machine and could not be more pleased! It is SO QUIET!!! The only advice I can offer is to pause the machine right before it extrudes and let it rest for 5 minutes or so, to allow all the moisture to be absorbed and the pasta will be a bit more chewy. This machine works PERFECTLY. If you fail to make excellent pasta in the Philips Avance then you are doing something wrong, PERIOD. Weigh the flour on a digital scale, don’t just scoop and scrape, and you should be good to go. I picked up the other 10 extrusion discs directly from Philips; trying to find them elsewhere was a waste of time.
Where is the cutter, where is the special prod to clean it out. How in the world can someone read the water indicator when it is so important! Other models have different containers for water and flour, which is so important since I now threw out 4 batches,
I bought the HR2378/06, which is the same machine as the HR2375/06, but it comes with extra pasta forming inserts and am quite happy with it (you can buy them separately). My motivation is to make low carb pasta suitable for a Keto (Low-Carb) diet, so I have to experiment with different ingredients than the standard wheats. This makes other changes to recipes necessary. For instance, converting a recipe to Carbalose flour (which has the soluble carbs stripped away to reduce Net Carbs from the 92 grams of Net Carbs per cup you get in All Purpose flour down to 19) requires more fluid (at least 5 tablespoons, but I'm still experimenting). I still have to experiment with Protein Powder recipes for even lower carb counts. Please note that, when properly mixed, the flour mixture will look dry as it's being tumbled, but that's all right. If you put in too much liquid, the pasta will stick together and you'll end up with funny-shaped dumplings. If you don't use enough liquid, the pasta maker's motor will strain (it should be fairly obvious, especially when nothing comes out); in this case, stop the pasta maker and remove the front panel to get rid of the too-dense pasta, then re-assemble and restart, gradually adding more liquid to the main chamber). It's substantially built, so you might want to consider Philip's smaller pasta maker if 20 lbs is too much to move around. It's not a silent machine, but it won't interfere with a conversation. The control panel has changed since (about) 2017, so some of the older videos showing how to use it will have serving size selection; this is not in the more recent models. The paddles are not perfect at picking up pasta and moving it into the extruder; you may decide to pause it and move stuff around to minimize waste (that counted for 1 star in my rating).

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