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  • MPN: 21489502, 214895-02
  • Power: 270 AW
  • Cord Type: Corded
  • Voltage: 60Hz 120 volts
  • Color: Pink
  • Cleaner head: Self-adjusting cleaner head
  • Features: Telescopic Handle, Height Adjustment, Rotating Brushes, Self Propelled
  • In the Box 1: Combination Tool
  • Included Accessories: Filter
  • In the Box 2: Stair Tool
  • Type: Upright
  • Machine Height: 42.4in
  • Material: Fiber
  • Machine Length: 15.4in
  • Bagged/Bagless: Bagless
  • Machine Width: 13.4in
  • Filters: HEPA
  • Maximum Reach: 51.7ft
  • Warranty: 5 Year Dyson Official
  • UPC: 885609004518
  • EAN: 0885609004518

User reviews

This is the most powerful vacuum that I've owned. Take some getting used to with the lagging feeling of the ball and the loud switch over to tools mode if you snap the handle to upright while power is on. But then the ball gives you a swivel that you don't have with conventional vacs. Not for the frail - you need some muscle to maneuver it. I took one star away since there's not a motorized head that goes under the beds, couches, etc. An auto-retracting cord would be a nice design improvement - but the price was fair for the powerful suction.
I'm English, we've been proud Dyson users since they were made available to the public. This is personally my 4th vacuum from Dyson. I hate it. And I mean with every fibre of my being, I HATE it. PROS: it does a "decent" job of picking up pet hair off the floor, but you may need a couple runs to pick up a random piece of dry dog food. It gets under spots once you get the hang of the ball design. CONS: It reeks of burnt plastic every time I use it. I've had to stop and walk away to breathe. My home is all tile and hardwood, yet the brush comes on automatically, every single time - which makes a horrible racket, so I have to be at the ready to turn the brush off immediately to avoid my small dogs scattering in terror. There is also a HUGE design flaw in the manual hose: When you pull it away from the unit to hoover hard-to-reach spots, or pop something into the nozzle that you found on the floor, the moment you place it back on the handle and force the handle back down to return to hoovering the floors, it spits out EVERYTHING under the Dyson, which you then have to return over, then hoover the floor up where it's dropped the mess. It does not send the hose contents to the canister!?!? Turns out there's a flap at the bottom - BY DESIGN, which opens and closes based on using the main unit versus the hose. The power button sticks, which I fully expected in the beginning with a new product, but 10+ uses in and it's STILL sticking to the point it takes me 3-4 times to turn it on or off. The handle collapses when you're done and push it upright, despite the *click* that assures you it's supposedly in place. You have to aggressively manhandle it at least a couple times to get it to stand upright, or it falls to the ground. And then every time you try to lower it again, to hoover the floors, it's yet another wrestling match. I'm in constant fear I'm going to break it, as it feels so cheap and rigid. I'm kicking myself for donating my yellow Dyson, which was perfect other than needing a hose replacement. I have never hated an inanimate object in my life - this is a first. DO NOT buy this model...unless you're masochistic. I want the old Dyson back!!!!
Nice vacuum, just wish it got under low places easily, and the retractable wand used for stair cleaning, dusting and small jobs is not easy to use. It is always pulling back, you have to fight it in order to use. This design is poor and needs to be changed.

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