Sale! iRobot Roomba E6 Vacuum Cleaning Robot E6198 Manufacturer Certified Refurbished

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  • Model: iRobot Roomba E6198
  • Smart Home Compatibility: Amazon Alexa, Google Home
  • Bagged/Bagless: Bagless
  • Type: Robotic
  • Runtime: 90 min
  • Features: Battery Operated, Carpet Cleaning, Multi Surface, Pet Hair Removal, Portable, Removable Brushroll, Rotating Brushes
  • Cord Type: Cordless
  • Smart Home Protocol: Wi-Fi
  • UPC: 885155028686

User reviews

I recieved the iRobot refurbished roomba at the beginning of the year. Spec is 90 minutes run time. The bast run time I have recorded is 43 minutes on a replacement battery under warranty. The collection bin fills up very fast (my dog has long hair) once the bin is full It keeps running and leaves the remaining dog hair in rolled up clumps that it can't pickup once the bin is emptied. So I have to use a bristol brush vacuum to pickup the clumps of hair.i did have a 650 series and it was a much better vacuum. Run time was 90 minutes. The brush was always needing to be cleaned of dog hair (more maintenance but still did a better job than the E6.97
I love gadgets, especially when they genuinely make life more convenient. The Refurbished iRobot E6 100% satisfies my appreciation for gadgets, but unfortunately I find that the required upkeep and performance shortfalls actually consume more time than manual vacuuming. I have a fairly basic floorplan (1 Level Rancher) and our furniture is arranged with plenty of space for the iRobot to operate without too many obstacles. However, in the 5 weeks I've had the E6 in use it has consistently fallen short of expectations for 4 main reasons. 1) It ALWAYS leaves a trail of clumped-up dog hair. 2) It regularly gets stuck on the legs of 2 of our charis. 3) It does not do a good job of handling our heirloom oriental rugs, and I'm always worried that it will damage the corners of the rugs (much more so than our upright vacuum). 4) Within 5 weeks of daily use the E6 began getting "Error 2" indicating that the main brushes need clearing. Despite following iRobot's cleaning instructions the issue will no clear, and the vacuum will not run while the faulty error remains. I have filed a warranty claim to hopefully fix the issue, but it should not be a problem after only 5 weeks. Overall, I cannot recommend the iRobot E6 because the performance is lacking and upkeep/maintenance is ar more labor intensive than with a traditional vacuum.
I’ve noticed that my e6 likes to do random things, doesn’t clean a room like I would expect, it goes over the same spot many times, it will leave a room and go to another before it is finished. When I tell it to go home it will not go home right away and continues to clean for a while, or until I pick it up and bring it to the same room that the dock is plugged in. I notice it leaves some areas un cleaned. Also going room to room it gets stuck on the saddles from room to room sometimes.

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