Sale! Best Tea Tree Essential Oil 100% Purely Natural Therapeutic Grade 8oz

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  • Container Type: 8oz Amber Bottle
  • Scent: Tea Tree
  • Bottle Type: Premium PET Essential Oil Bottle
  • Type: Essential Oil
  • 100% Natural: All Natural
  • UPC: 640791687037

User reviews

We live in Florida and we spray it on freshly laundered towels, to reduce fungus growth that causes a fresh towel to stink when it first gets wet. We have also found it useful on area rugs where our cats lie during the day. Nice pleasant smell easy to use in a spray bottle.
There is absolutely NO WAY that this crap is 100% pure tea tree oil. It smells like pine sol that has been cut with cooking oil, and feels like it, too. It's way thicker and oilier than the 10 year old bottle I just compared it with, has nearly no smell(if you 're familiar with tea tree oil, you know it's VERY smelly), and doesn't make the skin cold/hot/sting when applied, like the real deal does. "Someone" along the supply chain is cutting this stuff with who knows what. I want my $26 back!
The product was at a good price given it size (8 fl oz), packaging is good and it comes with a handy dispenser that allows to easily apply or transfer to a smaller container. I have bought Tea Tree oil extracts from different places and this is by far the least concentrated oil I have used, it is too oily and the characteristic odor from Tea Tree extract is very weak, for some people this might be a good thing, but I am needing to use a lot more than with other extracts to achieve the results I need.

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