Sale! LASFIT H11 LED Headlight Kit Low Beam Bulb Super Bright 6000K 45Days Free Return

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  • To Fit: Headlight Low Beam
  • Bulb Type: LED Headlight Low Beam
  • Interchange Part Number: H11/H8/H9/H16
  • UPC: 702756928286
  • Bulb Color: Clear
  • Color: White
  • Type: Headlight Kit
  • MPN: LC6H11H9H8
  • Bulb Size: H11
  • Lighting Type: Specialty Head Light Bulb
  • Other Part Number: H11 H9 H8 H16
  • Placement on Vehicle: Front, Left, Right
  • Fitment Type: Direct Replacement
  • Color Temperature: White 6000K
  • Technology: LED
  • Number of Bulbs: 2
  • Lumens: 5000LM/per set
  • Warranty: 1 Year
  • Lifetime: 30,000hrs
  • Wattage: 50W/set
  • Waterproof Rating: IP67 Waterproof
  • Ballast Included: Yes
  • Package includes: 2x LED bulbs
  • Manufacturer Part Number: LCplusH11H9H8
  • Voltage: 9-16V

User reviews

I searched high and low for a decent pair of LED headlight assemblies for my new daily driver. Going off of previous reviews, I took a chance with this set and I have to say, in the few days I've had the opportunity to test these out, they've far exceeded my expectations. They were delivered extremely quickly (two days from order to door step), were packaged professionally, build quality is superb, and fit snugly into the Lexus OEM housing for H11 bulbs. I didn't expect to see a huge improvement in light output considering the low price, but I was blown away by the spread of light using the standard housing. I posted pics of output in a lit garage but they provide superior quality over the best halogen light bulbs. I'd say they offer at least 40% more coverage and if you compare pricing, they only cost maybe 6 - 8% more than the average high quality halogen equivalent. If these last me 6 months, they would exceed my expectations. I've purchased $30 halogen bulbs that barely made it to 6 months so it's worth the gamble. I highly recommend these LED's over the standard option. The last photo shows output from about 15 feet of space between my car and the truck.
They are bright and work well. The light is not focused. It scatters quite a bit. At 25 feet away from a wall or the road, I can barely see the light beam shining on the wall. Its lights up the wall and the road, but the beam does not focus directly in front like standard halogens and hid bulbs. They work really well as fog lights, but I think I would opt for a different model/ brand of used as main headlights. Currently I put my silver star ultra halogens until I can find a better replacement. I prefer the way the halogens light up the road( even though not as bright or as white) in front of me over these LEDs.
I just needed a upgrade over my oem 2018 Tacoma headlights, although the came with a projector type lense they left much to be desired. I was thinking about some of this expensive bulbs from sylvannia to Phillips but for much less I found these. I had good experience with led headlights in my last car with projectors but I didn’t want them to look anything other than oem quality. I don’t want to stand out with blue headlights or get flashed because they blind folks. These fit the bill, they look amazing in my Toyota projectors. They have a perfect white look and although not as strong as HID they are a big upgrade over my oem halogen bulbs. For 30$ and quick free shipping I’ll do it again in a heartbeat. Also, I know it’s not necessarily important to some, but the packaging it came in was first class and it actually does say a lot about the company. They don’t cheap out when they can, and read the reviews, you will buy them if you’ve already read this far. I promise you will be glad you did.

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