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The Spot trace is a great product that allow you to follow it remotely from a computer or cell phone..... I mounted ours on a motorcycle that is headed from California to the tip of South America.... So far it is doing its job wonderfully..... Every morning it checks in and sends a message that it is working properly, lets me know when the bike has started to move or has stopped and a continuos track every 10 minutes along the way..... As it is in Southern Mexico at the writing I can say it works well and is a Great Value.... We paired it with a Spot-3 personal tracker that the rider keeps on his person which allows us to tell when he and the motorcycle go separate ways a good safety feature if the motorcycle is ever stolen during the trip.
Kinda of pricey, but seems to work well so far.
This tracker is on our tender currently in the Bahamas. We see everywhere it goes, and it is working perfectly.

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