Sale! 10g SUPER NUMB Numbing Cream Skin Tattooing Piercing Waxing Laser Dr

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  • MPN: 11152021
  • Type: Numbing Cream
  • Color: White
  • Exp. Date: 07/14/2023
  • UPC: 619271346702
  • EAN: 0619271346702

User reviews

Doesn't quite numb as far sub-dermal as I need it to. For diy Brazilian waxing. But it's okay. Prolly won't get another one. Pointless anyhow. For now I'll just use it to alleviate the pain as I epilate easier areas. Unreasonable Gov't regulations are the reason the cream can't be more effective so I understand.
A long with my face being numb within minutes it felt like it was on fire. I kept looking in the mirror to see if their was a reaction. Label says give it 1-2 hours before it would go in full effect but it worked way quicker than that for me. But I still waited nearly a hour then the numb started wearing off. I would suggest only doing small patches at a time because it made my face feel very uncomfortable and increased my entire core temperature from the heat on my face. Possible side effects are not listed!!! Beware. Definitely test small area first
I used this for a small wrist tattoo. I wasn't sure what to expect as I had read mixed reviews on it. I applied the cream as directed about 1 hour before my appointment. When the artist started the first line, I was completely blown away. I couldn't feel a thing!!! The numbness lasted about 45 minutes, but by the time it started to wear off, she was almost finished. I will be using this product from now on.

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