Sale! Te Pinalim GN+Vida PINALIM TEA Te de Pina ENVIO GRATIS Pineapple Diet 30 Days

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  • Active Ingredients: Green Tea, Flaxseed
  • Formulation: Tea
  • UPC: 7502217902526
  • Features: Organic
  • Expiration Date: 01/2019
  • EAN: Does not apply

User reviews

I tried this tea at my daughters home. I liked the results so I searched and found what I thought was the same exact tea. I mean the packaging looked exactly the same.. but when I tried what I ordered, I did not get the same results. But somewhat similar results. Had to drink 4cups and took over a week. At daughter’s house, 1 cup had results next day resulting for 2days. Considerably different, I must say. I don’t understand way such a variance. Perhaps this tea from eBay was older. My daughter got hers on Amazon. But I don’t know if it’s from the same company. I’ll check on that. But I do feel it a good buy on eBay as to dollar amount for 3boxes of tea. I will continue to detox till tea is gone. Best of luck to future purchasers
The first night I took it I woke up in the middle on the night to poop 3 times. It wasn’t regular poop. I guess it was poop that had been stuck idk. But this tea works so good it makes you feel so empty bc it literally empties your stomach. And i think it has helped me lose weight too. It’s just an overall great tea. I definitely recommend it.
Very nice tea with pleasant taste. Shipping was fast and it's very good price. I just got it, so I have only used it twice. Made me go to bathroom more often the next day to eliminate. I hope this will help me lose some weight while boosting up my immune system and clean my inside by eliminating. Thank you.

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