Sale! D7824706Q Refrigerator Icemaker for Whirlpool Kenmore Kirkland Roper 106.

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  • MPN: IM900
  • Manufacturer: Supco
  • Model Number: D7824706Q
  • UPC: does not apply
  • Type: Ice Maker
  • Model: D7824706Q

User reviews

I went searching for answers on what could be wrong with my ice maker (overflowing into the tray and making a mess) and later parts for the same. I came across this replacement ice maker and after determining that it was the correct match for my Maytag refrigerator I bought it! The install took about 30 minutes. 24 hours later the ice container in the freezer was full of cubes (not a frozen blob like it had been) just like it worked when the appliance was new! It was an easy install, everything worked just like the directions said it should. I would never repair the ice maker when you can buy a replacement and have everything new for a very reasonable cost!
Considering the original ice makers are of poor quality, these inexpensive knock offs may be better, but if they also conk out every 4-6 years well at least they are cheap. This was a very simple replacement. It is honestly a 5 min fix that anyone can do. Loosen 2 screws, remove one more, unplug the wire. That's it. My only complaint is the bail wire that shuts the ice maker off once the bin is full seemed to be bent wrong. I also suspect the mounting bracket in the rear was not formed correctly. The issue I had was the bail would go up, but not come back down, basically shutting the ice maker off after each cycle. I replaced the bail with the old one which was shaped correctly, but it also hung up. So for the non-handy sort this would have been a defective part. Considered hogging out the hole bigger with a drill bit, but instead elected to lube the pivot point with vegetable oil. This worked and the unit is now functioning well. The other minor gripe is it seems this unit takes twice as long to make a tray of ice as the original. The ice is hard for quite awhile before the ice maker thermostat trips allowing the discharge cycle to begin. Not a big deal to me, but for a family that goes through ice rapidly it could be. All in all I'm happy with this cheap easy to replace ice maker, but like most products anymore there seems to be a lack of quality control. If I wasn't a tinkerer, I would have returned this and bought the more expensive OEM replacement. I've had two of those and had zero issues with either one, other than they don't seem to last very long.
There are a few small issues with my older Maytag model refrigerator The most notable is the under bracket that was enclosed did not align with the screw in the wall of the freezer. Not an insurmountable problem so long as you not only hold on to the wiring harness, but also any auxiliary hardware. In my case I also had to swap out the arm since it was of a design that allowed me to adjust the amount of ice being produced. You will may also need to possibly modify the rear water tray but there is a provision within the plastic bit itself for doing so. Most importantly, the thing makes ice very capably.

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