Sale! J’adore by Christian Dior 3.4 oz EDP Perfume for Women New In Box

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  • Volume: 3.4 oz
  • Fragrance Name: Jadore
  • Packaging: Retail Box
  • Type: Eau de Parfum
  • UPC: 3348900417878

User reviews

Jadore is my favorite perfume , lady's long all day , people compliment me , asking what do you have on , you smell so good!! I recommend this perfume , plus the price is right!!
Yes, the bottle came sealed, as new, and on time. No complaints there. However, having paid high dollar for this fragrance, at the retailer, I can tell you that I have definite suspicions about shelf life. As certain ingredients in perfume, have a half life, just as anything else, the amount of time that perfume sits around, and the temperature of the storage area, greatly effect the potency of the product. Whereas J’adore, (the eau de perfume), from a department store, seems to last a VERY long time, and only requires a small amount to provide a LOT of fragrance, this bottle barely seems to linger at all. Because it takes twice as much to smell half as good, this cheaper bottle will be gone, in half the time. Was it really a deal? Not sure.
I think it's worth the money. I was concerned when I got it in the mail because I could hear alot of rattling in the box. Once opened, it turned out that the bottle top, and plastic sprayer came off somehow. Unfortunately I couldn't open it, my wife did because it was a Christmas gift. That kind of made it look cheap, but ohh well.

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