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  • Model: Pistol Grip Crossbow
  • Archery Type: Target
  • Overall Length (in.): 13in.
  • Color: Black
  • Draw Weight (lbs.): 50lbs.
  • MPN: MK-50A1
  • UPC: 609613048364

User reviews

It's not super accurate and the included bolts aren't very good quality. Not recommended for use with cork or dartboards - even at long distance, the bolts slam into such material and the tips are nowhere near sharp enough to "stick". It's also a bit difficult to string up (instructions suggest two people to do it, but that seems weird). However, the general make and quality of the crossbow itself are very good. It doesn't feel "cheap" like other crossbows I've played with (despite its packaging, which looks VERY cheap). It is easy to load once built and quite powerful for its size and weight. Overall, it's a STEAL at these prices and lots of fun to blast bolts through cardboard. The only thing really detracting this from an overwhelming 5 star review is the included bolts themselves.
these and the 80 lb bows were alright but I would honestly say it's better to get a 150 or 180 lb bow just because these at most might be fun for a target maybe 20 yards away but it's better to go for a target 40 yards or farther. as well for the bigger bows the amount of force to load the string is a lot so you would get a rope puller tool to help make loading the string easier. also when getting the string on the larger bows I've seen plenty of videos of people fighting the bow to get the string on and honestly just go to home depot, get a ratchet strap and put the hooks around the bow ends and the strap over the back of the gun and then just use the ratchet click thing to pull the bow ends together to get the string onto the bow, makes it really easy.
The plastic gun was very cheap looking. I had a very hard time stringing the steel bow. I had to use my bow stringer for my long bows. It was hard to hang on to when I was putting the string on. I know the instructions said to have some one put string on, while I bend the bow! I live by myself, so that was not an option. I finally got the string on. It shoots. I wouldn't bet my life on it..............................Mike York

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