Sale! RAM Mounts RAM-HOL-UN7BU RAM Universal X-Grip Cell Phone Holder with 1″ Ball

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  • Compatible Brand: Universal
  • UPC: 793442932298

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I've tried many cheap phone mounts throughout the years. Only Ram makes a mount that A) Holds my Smartphone tight without blocking any buttons. B) Makes a durable product. Made for real life use. I've got one that i've used for about 4 years. Still works as good as the first day i used it. Plus, their mounts all have interchangeable parts. So, if you by a different size phone, you won't have to buy a whole new mount. Just a new part. The entire mount may seem to be a bit pricy. But, it's definitely worth it. You wouldn't want your expensive new smartphone to jump out of the cradle and land on the dirty floor of your vehicle when you're driving on a bumpy road. Go with the best. Ram tough.
I bought this to use on my motorcycle. No problem attaching it to the handlebars with the mount I had previously purchased. This item did not come with any directions. I had to go on YouTube to figure out how the rubber fastener that came with it actually worked. This item seems to hold my Galaxy S8 quite secure. But, I am still be cautious. I saw several YouTube videos where cell phones on motorcycles came loose and were lost on the road. However none of them had the extra rubber fastener holding the phone a bit more secure. Also noted, I have a windshield on my motorcycle that block the direct air from hitting the phone as I'm travelling down the road. Hopefully this product will be exactly what i've been looking for.
Considering the wide range of mounting points and extensions available, if you can’t find a solution that works on your bike/motorcycle etc, you haven’t looked hard enough. I got a ball mount to fill a hole where a mirror used to be on my motorcycle, the smallest composite joint and this RAM mount holder. It is very secure and tight when snugged down. The RAM Mount piece itself, the pads that hold the sides of the phone are very soft and grabby. The logo part where the back of your phone rests is even a soft sticky rubber to keep it from moving around. Very impressed with the fit and finish and would definitely recommend it. If you don’t like the position your phone is in or want to change the perspective to mount a camera instead, the attachments are so affordable it’s no big deal to grab exactly what you need! The packaging was also very minimal, which I like! Excellent product that I’m very happy with!

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