Sale! Bose TV Speaker, Certified Refurbished

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  • Shape: Rectangle
  • Type: Soundbar
  • Model: Bose TV Speaker
  • Features: Bluetooth, Remote Control
  • Audio Inputs: HDMI
  • Color: Black
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth, HDMI
  • UPC: 017817826341

User reviews

Product provides excellent enhanced quality of sound for my flat screen TV. If this is what you seek, this significantly improves the volume and clarity of speech. Although there is some improvement in music quality, don't expect multichannel sound system fidelity. This is as advertised, i.e. a sound bar to provide improvement over TV speakers.
Avoid this one unless you only watch talk shows and like to repeatedly try to get things to work. . We've used a Bose SoundLink mini for years for music and to get better sound from our TVs. I thought this would be a worthwhile upgrade. The instructions state to only connect one input type. We have a higher end LG tv 2020 model and connected via HDMI ARC. Sometimes the TV remote can control the volume (as it should) many times it can not and we are forced to use the Bose remote. Sometimes we get no sound from the Bose even though the TV can "see" the Bose - it shows the Bose is connected to the input. Bluetooth works for the most part - We have an Amazon Echo streaming music to the bose. The Bose easily connects every time but has frequent glitches in the music and especially drops if we walk between the Bose and the Echo broadcasting the music feed - the feed glitches. The two units are approximately 15 ft apart. We have tried moving the Echo closer - it did not improve the results. We tried other bluetooth devices with similar results. We would use the aux in but the instructions state to only use one physical input and there is not feature for switching which input you are using other than "TV" or Bluetooth. As the unit does not consistently work even with the HDMI input alone we did not try using the aux and HDMI and externally choosing which device is playing. The music quality is not what I expect of Bose. The sound has a lot more pronounced treble compared to the SoundLink mini thanks to the tweeter. Overall the sound is too bright, harsh and lacking mids. Bass is done well. I thought maybe we accidentally had dialogue mode turned on all the time. The LED indicates dialogue mode does turn on/off and pressing the dialogue mode button does change the sound. We find in unenjoyable in all cases. Increasing the bass does tone down the highs but the bass is then very boomy. With only one tweeter, there is no stereo imaging - we knew this would be the case going in and only mention it here in case you had not thought of that.. Pros: clear dialogue Cons: doesn't always work as it should via HDMI ARC, Bluetooth cuts out frequently, music is too bright and missing midrange. Even for the price of a refurb you can get a lot better sound from something else at the same price point.
I scored the Bose tv speaker used (but in brand new shape) for $165. Worth every penny! It had a nice amount of bass for a small sound bar and I love that I have the option of adding the bass module if I want even more bass!

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