Sale! Honeywell Home Wi-Fi 7-Day Programmable Thermostat (RTH6580WF)

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  • MPN: RTH6580WF1001/U1
  • Color: White
  • Manufacturer Color: White
  • UPC: 085267365710

User reviews

Awesome value for Honeywell thermostat that is smart wifi version that access anywhere outside home with internet. Free "Total Connect Comfort" App works on both android and iPhone that has voice active inside app. You also can set up alerts if not keeping temperature. Id for sure buy again as lot cheaper then these more expensive one out there.
For a wifi thermostat the price is excellent. The app is very easy to use and gives you full thermostat control. I do not recommend it because there is no way to lock-out the buttons on the face of the thermostat. With one touch of the system button the heat is turned completely off, meaning a curious child or even an adult who inadvertently contacts the button could turn your heat off and not know it. Yes, the display backlight comes on but the change in setting is already made at that point and the new setting can be easily missed if you don't stop to read it. This actually happened to me after a few weeks of using it. One night I woke up to a very cold house. Functionally, the unit is fine so if you don't care about lockable controls then yes, buy it. I think a lockable thermostat cover in a home is crass. To solve my problem I went inside it and put cellophane tape over the system button contacts. When I want to turn the system off I will simply use the app.
This is a really good product at a good price. I set one up for a friend, and then went out and bought one for myself. After it was wired up, the rest of the process--setting zone temperatures and setting up WiFi and the smart phone ap took less than 15 minutes. The app allows you to look at the current temperature and setting as well as the weather forecast. A nice feature is the setting of min and max temps, and if breaches, you get an email. The cons: product support --documentation, phone, and email just sucks. Worse than bad. I'm a mature, retired microwave electrical engineer. I had two simple questions--what power was required from the separate 24 vac transformer, and what was the difference between their jumpered R and RC contacts. Either it was a "don't know" or a "you need to be a licensed HVAC installer". My recommendation: make sure you use a dedicated transformer with neither lead grounded. What size transformer? I have no clue, and apparently, Honeywell doesn't either.

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