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  • Model: Spring Airsoft Gun
  • MPN: P2337
  • UPC: 874876928689

User reviews

Ordered two guns. One had a crack in the barrel right away. my son walked around the corner and came back with the other gun broke in half. Glue gun barrel back together on first gun. The next day my daughter sat on the second gun and it broke in half. I then began destroying one of the guns to see how bad it was. it was bad. I then had my 4 year old see how well she could finish off the other gun. She ripped it to shreds with no problem. The card board box that it came with was stronger, no questions. Never did get to shot the guns.
On the UKARMS tag, on the rifle the first line says... "Ultra-grade construction for greater accuracy" This has to be the least accurate toy gun I have fired in my entire life, cap guns included. Disgusted by its size and visibly crooked barrel. Undeterred I ran almost a hundred rounds through it, hoping it might...settle in? Yeeesh. Maybe two of five rounds hit somewhere close to where I was aiming, the others would fly two to three feet right, at ten feet from the target. When the box arrived, before opening, my heart sank. "What is this flimsy noise in this tiny box? This can't be the M-4 airsoft. That would mean its tiny.... Ugh. Yup, too good to be true for the price. Well maybe it is still accurate and fun?" Nope and thus nope again. "Hmmmm....maybe I can just flex this barrel a wee bit. Straighten out the trajecto-"SNAP! Guess not. Guess I can glue it back together and just look at it. From afar? What a waste of $10.
I knew quality wasn’t going to be great for $10. It’s worse than a $1 toy from dollar tree. Either it broke in transit or literally snapped trying to pick it out of the box. Never seen thinner plastic. Couldn’t get it to work. Total waste. Very small. If you’re thinking maybe it’s ok since it’s only $10. It’s not.

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