Sale! PC140A Contactor Single One 1 Pole 40 Amps 24 Volts A/C Air Conditioner NEW

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  • Type: Contactor
  • MPN: PC140A
  • UPC: 696524001168
  • Manufacturer: Parts Connect
  • Model Number: PC140A
  • Product Type: Contactor

User reviews

It was a cheap fix for my A/C compressor unit. This particular unit is from the seventies and is still working. You need to expect that an item that is electro-mechanical will at some time wear out. I'm just glad that I noticed that it was running and the blower in the house was not, before any damage was done to any other part of the unit. The only thing about this unit versus the original was that none of the terminals was marked ( L1 L2 T1 T2 ) not that it really makes a difference. This one has a cover over the contactor where the original did not, making it less prone to weather or insects. It is working perfectly.
Worked good to replace the original one which the coil had burned up and was no longer pulling the contacts in. Very good for fixing a outside condensing unit. Seems pretty universal, and although the original one used crimp on rings for the primary power connection, I was able to clip off the ring part and fit the crimped wire ends securely and tightly into the lug connections with no voltage drop across the connections or contacts.
Plug and play. Last one last about 1 year.....the plunge from coil stays down n compressor never shut off. Removed spring n contacts on old one no problem found...plastic cage for spring stucked down, i did cleaned , no really dirty, apply some wd40 n works....keep it as emergency spare.

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