Sale! Sabre Red Pepper Gel Spray Repellent Self Defense W/HOLSTER – MK-3-GEL-H-US

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Allows for crowd control when a small group/mob attacks you--without the need for you to use your firearm to permanently end someone's ability to threaten anyone. It gives them a chance to rethink their behavior before doing it to anyone in the future--and you get 20 squirts of gel, no blowback as with mist, and you can reach an attempting attacker at a 20-foot-distance: this gives you a chance to get away before you need to use deadly force in self defense. Dye marks them for police, if there's ANY police response at all. BIG PLUS? It's an effective non-lethal option for self-defense, because most of us do NOT want to shoot someone unless your life is at clear risk and there is simply NO OTHER OPTION.
I have had a problem with your produce. I ride a bike and have a problem dog. I purchased a can of Halt spray but it was not up to the task due to limited spray distance. I used your produce and the spray distance was better but not great. Additionally, although your produce contained more spray than Halt it lasted less time than Halt for a total of about 8 seconds of spray time. The can still felt like it had a lot of liquid remaining but no propellant. I didn't spray the can upside down. Bottom line is that I believe that the can I received didn't contain enough propellant.
This is best on the market! I've been carrying and using chemical agents since 1973 as Law Enforcement and security in military and civilian practice. This stuff Does work very effectively. The Gel sticks very well, won't blow back in your face and is effective in confined spaces (it doesn't disperse like a spray does). It burns for over 30 minutes! I know from training & certification applications. It also has a long shelf life. It works on dogs, people and in riot control scenarios. I highly recommend this self defense product.

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