Sale! Behringer X Air XR18 18-channel Tablet-control

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  • MPN: XR18
  • Number of Phono Inputs: 3
  • Number of Buses: 12
  • Type: Digital Mixer
  • Number of Channels: 18
  • Model: XAir
  • Number of Line Inputs: 2
  • Item Width: N/A
  • UPC: 748252151049
  • EAN: 0748252151049

User reviews

When you compare this mixer with its competition peers similar products, it just blows the socks out of their feet. Feature by feature, it outperforms all of them: Bar none! Hardware wise, it has enough inputs and outputs for most small to medium gigs and for larger setups, can be daisy chained (networked) with additional units. The X-Air editor is an easy powerful editor that, computer & tablet wise covers all functional aspects of this mixer. Software wise, the included DSP instruments are worth many times the price of admission of this unit. Trendwise, this unit follows the industry single channel trend of its peers and functionally, its a strict Mic/Line set-up which does not readily address, from a keyboardist or synthesizer modules user standpoint, the functional versatility of stereo mixing features. In this respect, what in principle looks like 16 inputs availability is enough, for stereo operation, is only 8, which for smaller gigs, seems adequate but for medium venues is quite small. However, this shortsighted coming is the rule of thumb for all mixer manufacturers in general. They just do not seem to recognize the keyboardists stereo equipment input issue altogether. Also, in the way of additional digital interconnection & mixing, I would have wished an additional USB or Firewire in/out. Apart from these two functional issues and, specially at this price range and full featured offering, this is a no brainer. In my opinion, forget the competition and don't look anywhere else for an ultra mixing utility Hardware/Software solution and operational experience.
From the small size of an 18 channel mixer to the Midas preamps. This Berhinger mixer not only eliminates the need for a hardware mixer and racks of EQs, compressor/limiter, reverbs, delays and other items that take up space and weight in the van, but they also supply all of these very things in the app that can be downloaded onto your iPad. Granted, you need Operating system 7 or better on your iPad, but the only thing I run on my version 1 is OnSong for lyrics. It's easy to set up and has it's own wireless router for sending or receiving on the X Air. The FX included are incredible and the choices are many. Two outputs for mains and aux sends which can be used for monitor sends make this easy to setup for powered speakers for PA and in ear systems or an array of powered monitors across the stage. You are allowed to set up different stage assignments for different bands and the memory will save you time on set up. Also… if the iPad were to go down during a performance, the X Air will keep the channels and FX open, allowing you a reboot of the iPad. I've not seen mine go down yet and not being a fan of Berhinger equipment in the past, these guys have knocked it out of the ballpark! I've used this brand of unit in another band which allowed me time to gauge it's issues and after two years, I decided it was a stable product and would replace my Allen & Heath Mix Wizard board and a rack full of eight products I can now sell! I'm also free to roam off the stage to set the mix with my iPad in hand and any of my players with iPads can login and set their own monitor mix. Bazinga!
I've been using a virtual Mixing Board in the studio for Years and Years and Years. I've recently been asked to "run live sound" - for a project where my little 12 channel mixer - just isn't going to cut it. Additionally I may need to Record the show and I may need a couple different monitor mixes. This give me 6 additional channels, the ability - if I add another PC - to capture discreet channels to file(s) - and the cool feature of walking away with my control surface to ring monitors, right from the stage, and check and change the levels anywhere in the venue. The only think that would be really cool is if I didn't have to run my 2 or 3 stereo inputs back to the stage. If I put this Digital rack mixer back by the power amps near the stage, there would be NO WIRES running from the mixing station to the stage to have to worry about routing around the walls, taping down and covering with carpet. It took me a couple of hours to learn the interfaces... But that's because I have IOS on my phone, ANDROID on my control surface and PC on my LIVE SHOW machine. Each of the interfaces present with some slight and some major differences. I still haven't figured out how to "copy" the main mix to BUS 5 & 6 so I can turn off my power amp and mix set relative levels - through the local monitors at my house mix station. Overall especially at the nearly 300 dollar discount I got from buying here... I couldn't be happier with my purchase. I've just constructed a wooden case, that houses this mixer, and all 6 wireless mic receivers, pre-wired. When I get to the gig, I'll put 6 receivers in place... plug in the power which is already on the rack, and plug in the snake inputs, which also is there waiting. In doing this - my set up time will be about the same as the time it takes to boot the 3 computers, I use in my shows. I said "yes" to "easy to use"... that's pre-supposes you take the time to suffer the learning curve present for ANY product of this complexity.

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