Sale! Casio Men’s Quartz 8-Digit Calculator Resin Band 35mm Watch CA53W-1

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  • Department: Men
  • Movement: Quartz (Battery)
  • Reference Number: CA53W-1
  • Band Material: Resin
  • Features: 12-Hour Dial, Calculator
  • Type: Wristwatch
  • Customized: No
  • MPN: CA53W1
  • Bezel Color: Black
  • Water Resistance: 50 meters / 165 feet
  • Dial Color: Black
  • Watch Shape: Square
  • Band Color: Black
  • Style: Sport
  • Display: Digital
  • Case Color: Black
  • Manufacturer Warranty: 1 Year
  • Manufacturer Part Number: CA53W-1
  • Case Size: 35 mm
  • Case Material: Resin
  • UPC: 0079767223403

User reviews

If you sent this watch back in time, at least 3 things would happen without doubt. First, it would survive to today, which is why it exists anyway. Secondly, it's so well designed in merely STYLE ALONE that it would indubitably spur on the contrivances of everyday life in the jurassic period to continue on without any interruption of the flow and passage of time (or infliction against eBays community standards policy). Possibly this is due to the quartz crystal inside, or due to the sheer visual pungent ness it exhibits whilst strapped to your life execution extremity. It must be added that this watch is nearly 100% waterproof, baby proof, life proof, except for lens scratching - just wear it on the inside of your wrist. Lightweight, forget about it when you need to do dishes but remember it when you need to make a quick calculation, be woken up at any time by 20 consecutive beeps, time a lap around the track or even tell you when you need to check your pot roast by countdown. Thirdly, if somehow you were to ever find this watch still on your wrist after traveling through a black hole, it would likely still be intact to wake you up for your 9-5 desk job. Welcome to the Matrix, Neo - yes, this gadget is the only true love your arm will ever need. EDIT 2/1/2019: This watch has survived a (multiple) trip(s) through the washing machine (attached pic related - taken just after being thoroughly cleaned). Once in a while the band will pop off due to a lot of stress, but it is simple enough to pop it back into place. Alas, most good things end. Biggest issue faced in the true, non-time-jumping reality of the Matrix with this watch is that of the rubber band itself ripping after it gets too worn out. I simply buy another one at this point, but I've considered replacing it with a metal band because the calculator is hard to live without. The rubber buttons can also get ripped off if you are careless with it. Just... Avoid that.
Over the years, I've gone through several of these watches, simply from being worn out. It seems I always need a quick calculator along with accurate time in 24-hour format and this watch has always worked well for me. I use the alternate time when wife is in Philippines. In fact, I use ALL the features at one time or another; stopwatch, alarm and I don't worry about getting it wet, either. It's hard to scratch the lens; it's tough. And the band will give out long before the battery. Don't need a stylus for calculating -- fingertip or even fingernail will do. It's a great product like most everything Casio makes.
I've been buying this same watch for 15+ years now. After 3 years or so on my wrist, it gets scratched and dirty, so I buy a new one. I've never had to replace a battery. I found one from about 10 years ago in my dresser drawer and its still running on the original battery! I've accidentally gone swimming in the ocean with it and no harm done. I've never managed to damage one badly enough to make it stop working. The buttons are small, but just big enough for easy use by man-sized fingers. The weak point is the band. It breaks after a year or so. Can you tell I'm sorta hard on watches?

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