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  • Model: 1785
  • UPC: 011120234640
  • Type: Vacuum
  • MPN: 1785

User reviews

I have now used the Crosswave to clean my tile and wood floors. The unit was easy to put together. It has a very long cord which makes it easy to get around larger rooms. The clean water tank has two fill levels depending on how large the area you want to clean is. It doesn't doesn't have an edge tool so it leaves about a two inch area around the floor where it doesn't clean. With that exception, it did a great job of cleaning my tile flooring, including the hard to get to recessed grout, and the wood floors are sparkling clean. It is unfrotunate that this unit did not come with the "parking tray" as it is our of stock now and I don't have an ETA on the one I ordered from Bissell. When emtying the dirty water tank, I really don't want to throw all that crud down my drains so I have to find somewhere outside to empty it. Other than those small issues, I'm really happy with this machine. It really does make floor cleaning easier.
I struggled with rating this product so low, but honestly my concerns with the performance on a regular basis is what caused me to choose 2 stars. The product is well made with ease of use in mind. * The handle has easy push button activation for floor & carpet - with the only noticeable difference between the 2 settings being an increased water flow for carpets. * The fresh water & return water tanks are easy to empty & fill (a bit small for even residential use - you will have to empty/refill after about a 25 square foot area of use). * The brush chamber is easy to open & remove for easy cleaning after use. * Bissell has provided a good quality power cord (3 prong) with amply length to complete a large room. Unfortunately this is where the praise of the product ends. This product is marketed to be the best of 2 machines - a hard floor cleaner and carpet cleaner. The truth is it performs best as a spot cleaner rather than cleaning well at a complete job of either. The water flow - even though you have two options (hard floor & carpet) does not provide a consistent flow of water to the brush roll, especially to the center of the brush where it is needed the most! The squeegee that is provided underneath to stop the flow of debris and liquid past the brush roll is inadequate to do the job, causing water & debris to build up under the machine past the brush roll. This is especially frustrating when moving from a carpet to a hard floor. I had to wipe with a damp cloth to remove before switching tasks. At this point, unless you want a quick spot cleaner or small task machine, I would not recommend you spending the money on this machine. I do hope that Bissell works to improve this machine & in my case make a commercial version of this machine. There honestly is not anything like it on the market - it just needs improving before I would suggest people spend hundreds of dollars on it.
I used the Crosswave on my ceramic tile floor and my laminate flooring. I was very pleased with the results on each type. The tile floor was easy peasy. The laminate was more time consuming, having to go a bit slower to clean and make sure the vacuum picked up as much water as possible because you cannot leave standing water on laminate. I was extremely pleased to see that the floor dried very quickly and there was NO streaking. They were shiny and clean when I finished. The only negative I could find with the machine was the cord. You have to hold the cord in your opposite hand to keep it out of the way. Being at the bottom of the machine, it gets in the way if you don't hold it up. There should be a clip or something to hold it up out of the way like my vacuum. Other than that, the machine was easy to use, and did a fantastic job on my floors. I am a very happy customer and I do recommend this product!

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