Sale! Nautica Voyage N-83 by Nautica 3.4 oz EDT Cologne for Men New In Box

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  • Packaging: Retail Box
  • Fragrance Name: Nautica Voyage N-83
  • Volume: 3.4 oz
  • Type: Eau de Toilette
  • UPC: 3607348938230

User reviews

I’ve been using nautica voyage for a few years now and I always get compliments. It leaves a smooth layer after I apply it and last the entire day, even while I am taking a shower after getting home and the water hits me, you can smell its fragrance.
I like the smell of this cologne so I bought this large bottle. However, wearing it daily caused a little irritation and was not as appealing anymore so I keep changing. It’s a great value!!! Quality is good for the price but does not last as long as the old one I had! You can pull it of 2-4 hours so if that works, buy it! Or just spray extra, it will do the job!
When I use Nautica Voyage I feel like I smell very good, I have received compliments that backup my feelings. The name of the scent however is extremely deceiving! I first used this scent years ago... I purchased it with S&H green stamps. When I spritzed my torso for the first time I was nervous my natural oils would bring out a sodium based aroma... BUT I only had this notion because of the name of the cologne itself! Boy was I wrong, I feel in love with the smell. After a long day on the rig platform, just before my shower, post decloak, I still smell very GOOD! I also apply after my shower before bedding, as to smell very good when waking up... what a great feeling. I am happy Nauticas branding folks were so mindless when brainstorming over this hot product... because I think that those who have not had the pleasure of smelling think "salt" or "cross-Atlantic stow-away" , not "AWWEwesome", which keeps supplies high, prices low, and more ole factory good times for me... supply-side economics at its best baby! All this said - since Voyage has brought me such good feelings over the years and needless to say the scent ROI is almost a joke it is so unreal (better than any drug store Adidas or Stetson by far)... I thought it my duty to put this review into the eBay systems for those that believe in solid cologne due diligence. At the price you can pick this scent up on eBay from reputable eBay-ers, I can't image a better smell value. I hope this helps! -Male

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