Sale! Club de Nuit Intense by Armaf 3.6 oz EDT Cologne for Men New In Box

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  • Fragrance Name: Club De Nuit Intense
  • Fragrance Type: Eau de Toilette
  • Volume: 3.6 oz
  • Type: Eau de Toilette
  • Packaging: Retail Box
  • UPC: 0769942286797

User reviews

This is supposed to be a tribute to Aventus, but Aventus has changed so much that comparing anything to it is like testing hairspray in a hurricane. I can say this is a very well blended fragrance. Many reviews complain about the lemon Pledge opening, but this mellows after some air gets in the bottle. I like this a lot, and I have a very hard time finding fragrances that work on me. However, I've not received a single compliment on it, and it projects very well. My signature fragrance has been discontinued and I get compliments on it from people of all ages and genders. I was really hoping this could replace my signature scent, but it's not quite the masterpiece it is. I won't disclose the name of that masterpiece because the price is skyrocketing as supplies shrink, but I can definitely recommend CdNIM. It smells as good as the batch of Aventus that I had if not better, and you can't beat the price!
First let me start by saying I've used an older "batch" of CDNIM and it was pretty darn good. Fairly long lasting and a very nice clean fragrance. Not identical Aventus, but close enough that you'd have to smell them side by side to differentiate between the two. This newer "batch" of CDNIM I just bough is just plain not good. I'm not sure what Armaf changed, but it certainly wasn't a change for the better. The fragrance now smells like a mess and the longevity is maybe 2 hours before it sits very close to the skin. Yes, you still have the birch tar fragrance in CDNIM that is the hallmark of any fragrance trying to emulate Aventus. But, in my opinion, all the supporting / accompanying notes are what create the messiness of this current formulation. I will also say that I've watched several YouTube reviewers talk about "batch" variations of CDNIM and some have said they don't notice any difference between the older and newer batches. To my nose, there is definitely a difference so I have to disagree with the reviewers that have states otherwise. IMO, don't buy CDNIM till Armaf fixes what they've done to this fragrance.
Fragrance starts with a blast of synthetic citrus then calms down around the 15 minute mark where u can smell the birch wood shine thru. I've never smelled Aventus but if it smells like anything like Club De Nuit I'll probably never buy a bottle or sample. This is the only fragrance where I've gotten mixed compliments where a couple of people actually complained about the smell when I was shopping at the mall saying it was the most horrible cologne they've ever smelled. Then on the other hand my girlfriend complimented me for the first time ever saying I smelled really good and that it reminded her of something. Keep in mind I use about 3-4 sprays before going anywhere and have over 55 different colognes at hand which are mostly all designer and a few niche frags. Honestly this frag is just a little too hyped in my personal opinion but it does smell good after the 15 min dry down. it projects for the first 2 hrs then gets a little closer to the skin and can still smell it more than 6 hrs later. Its Good frag if u can get it under $30 bucks.

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