Sale! Omron 3 Series BP710NVA Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor | Automatic | Digital

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  • MPN: BP710N, BP7100
  • Model: Omron 3 Series BP710NVA
  • Features: Digital, Automatic
  • Type: Upper Arm Monitor
  • UPC: 0012303528525

User reviews

This model has been discontinued. This blood pressure monitor has a lid which is inconvenient to handle every time it is used. A big plus for this monitor is the large display and numbers. It has many features such as: one size fits all arm cuff, irregular heartbeat detector, date time stamp, Am/Pm memory averaging, risk category indicator of hypertension, advanced memory function and 2 users with a total 240 memories. It also includes an adapter which most other monitors are an option feature. For the money is does a more accurate reading of your blood pressure than most monitors in the same price range.
I have a Serious , Deadly heart problem, & a Severe Neuro Disorder that causes Great Pain. I'm on about 34 meds, so I need to constantly monitor my BP. My last OMRON lasted me a good 5yrs of Constant, Accurate Bp's & HR. This one is a very small Battery Operated Version & Extremely Weak & Inaccurate. I used to Work EMS & literally help My patients & GOD has Saved Lives working through me, so I definitely Know how to take an automated BP & Especially a Manual BP, Could have been in the harshest conditions & I could take an Accurate BP, so I KNOW what I'm talking about. I HATE to knock ANY Product,& Don't! But, I WON'T LIE & OWE IT TO YOU TO PROVIDE YOU W WHAT COULD BE LIFE SAVING INFO. GOD BLESS.
I had been looking for a BP meter that didn't always pump up to the same high pressure (usually 190 mm Hg) before depressurizing gradually. Reading the description of this Omron product it seemed to have this feature. I confirm this on my arm upon receipt. I usually run a lower BP and indeed once it hit 140 it began deflate for the measurement. The only negative things are 1) the irregular heart beat icon is hard to decipher, it just looks like a black square., 2) though it can save up to 30 measurements, it dies not record the date or time if the measurement, which is a serious deficiency. Furthermore the unique sensing feature to avoid over pressurization does not work as well on my wife's more fleshy arms. It had to pressurize to a higher value before depressurizing compared to my arms. But in general I am glad I bought it for my use.

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