Sale! Google Nest Hub with Built-In Google Assistant, Chalk (GA00516-US)

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  • Connectivity: Wireless
  • MPN: GA00516US
  • Manufacturer Color: Chalk
  • Smart Home Compatibility: Google Assistant
  • Color: Gray
  • Type: Smart Speaker
  • Model: Google nest HUB
  • UPC: 0842776107299

User reviews

Great product, compact size. Will be handy for working with my Smart Lights: Philips Hue, Sengled and Sylvania brands. Access to You Tube videos an added bonus. Easy setup with my Samsung Galaxy Edge 7+. Would recommend for a person that is a gadget lover and does not care about not being able to make video calls, due to no camera, which is perfect for my useage. Compact size not taking up much space. Small screen size with a beautiful quality picture. The size will add to the ease of moving it from room-to-room, if one so desires. A super addition to my Google Home and six Google Minis placed throughout my home. Most all units sit in close proximity to either an Amazon Echo (two of those) or an Amazon Echo Dot (seven of those). Will be saving my pennies to watch for an eBay auction for an Amazon Show 2nd Gen. next! I wouldn't be without either brand of personal assistant as the Google Home line and the Alexa Echo line, both have great features with which to work, depending upon what you are wanting to do.
My problem is getting it set up. At first I was fine, but wanted to start a new Gmail so noone could access my personal pics or texts, emails etc. I asked how to delete it all and send me back to factory reset to start from scratch. All it did was mess me up more. So the problems lye within me I suppose. I just am not capable of doing all of this and it sux as I bought everyone in my home a Google mini and for the sharing a Google nest hub thing with the screen. I had two rooms set up but now none. I was able to set up my ge light but can't even do that now. I'm gonna call and see if customer service can help walk me thru deleting everything, use the new email, and I can prob6set it up from there.
I recently purchased a Google Home Hub, and I'm extremely happy with it. It was so easy to set up and use. It responds to commands quickly and accurately. I play music through Spotify, and it sounds amazing through its attached speaker. I highly recommend if you're looking for an all in one smart hub. There's quite a few compatible accessories that you can control from either voice commands or by its touch screen.

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