Sale! Google Home Hub with Google Assistant – GA00515-US

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  • UPC: 0842776107268
  • Type: Smart Speaker
  • Manufacturer Color: Charcoal
  • Color: Black
  • Model: Google Home Hub
  • Connectivity: Wired, Wireless
  • Material: Plastic
  • Year Manufactured: 2019
  • MPN: GA00515US
  • Smart Home Compatibility: Google Assistant

User reviews

Amazing device! This far exceeded my expectations. I linked it to my pair of Google Home Minis and got relatively good sound quality! But I must say that for those who want superior sound quality, you may be a little disappointed. My advice is to buy a Google Home speaker or, better yet, a Google Home Max speaker, in which case you will get really good sound! Besides the relatively weak sound (I emphasize relatively, because it still has decent sound), this device simply has no drawbacks. I will not describe all the features - you can easily find them on the page of this device in the Google store. To summarize, if you are looking for a smart assistant and also a multimedia entertainment device, then do not hesitate to buy this magnificent device, especially since now you can find it at an extremely attractive price!
It's a nice photo frame and good at setting and showing timers. However, I got it because of the Google advertising about cooking using Google Assistant and that simply doesn't work at all. Can't add your own recipes, can't work on more than one recipe at a time, difficult to switch between any other activity and your recipe without losing your place.
Google has hit a home run with their new Home Hub. It's very solid and well built unit with a high quality picture and very good sound. It also acts as an excellent smart picture frame when it's not busy showing You Tube videos, answering more detailed questions that Alexa is able to, or showing the day's calendar of events and the time it will take to get to work along with the weather

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